WARNING: Indoor Air Pollution 2-5 Times Higher Indoors than Outdoors, This Device “Ionizes” Your Home’s Air

“Ionize” Airborne Particles

Your home’s air could be more dangerous than the air you breathe outside   . That’s why Clarifion™ uses negative ions to remove air particles from a certain area and to repel some airborne bacteria and viruses. So you can breathe cleaner air at home.

Americans Love Clarifion™

“My allergy symptoms have decreased a lot since using this for the last few weeks. I also have a dog, but you would never know because our air is clean. I love this product.”

Change Your Home’s Air

Indoor air quality can be 2-5 worse inside than outside. Clarifion™ uses ionizing technology to attach to certain airborne particles. The heavy weight drops many of these particles to the floor.


Other air purifiers can cost you $800 or more! Plus you might have to spend money on air filter replacements every few months. Clarifion™ gives your family ionized air for a fraction of the cost without any expensive upkeep.

Clarifion™ was designed to be super easy to use, you just plug it in any standard wall outlet and it goes to work.

The truth is - not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on home air purifiers or spray their home with air fresheners.

That’s why Clarifion™ ionizes your home’s air for a fraction of the cost.

So Easy That Anyone Can Use It

“Why Should I Use Clarifion™ to Clean the Air in my Home?”

Clarifion™ Created an Affordable Air Ionizer for Every American Home

Finally, a device that can reduce allergens    so you can fight off the sniffles.

Clarifion™ uses negative ions to repel certain airborne bacteria and viruses... to remove air particles wherever you plug it in… and to reduce allergens. So your home’s air is cleaner and more crisp.

Americans are getting peace of mind knowing Clarifion™ is ionizing airborne particles all day long.

Where Can I Get This?

Clarifion is ONLY available online and can't be found in stores.

What is Clarifion™?


larifion™ is an air ionizer that cleans your home’s air by removing air particles (2).

Clarifion™ was created to help Americans “scrub” the air inside their home and repel specific bacteria and viruses from the air (3)(4).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clarifion Work?

Clarifion™ uses negative ions to remove air particles and repel specific airborne bacteria and viruses.

Do I need Replacement Filters?

No, Clarifion does not need any replacement filters or maintenance. 

How many do I need for my Home?

Clarifion™ is perfect for an average sized room. We recommend using one in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms & more!

Do you have a Physical Store?

No, Clarifion™ is exclusively sold online and can't be found in any stores.

Why Should I Use Clarifion™ Instead of Other Devices?

“Since buying clarifion, my allergies and asthma has improved drastically! It does work!”

Clarifion™ is perfect for every room in your home:

Clarifion™ is trusted by over 13,419 Americans and that number is growing every single day.

Not to mention, you get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on Clarifion™.

Thousands of satisfied customers are just raving about Clarifion™ ionizing away many allergens & bacteria from their air!


Repels Specific Bacteria & Viruses 

Might not effect bacteria & viruses

Super Easy to Use 

Constant Maintenance

Can Reduce Allergens 

Might not reduce allergens

No Filter Replacements 

Expensive Upkeep

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

No money back

Air Quality Indoors can Be Much Worse than Outdoors

Just think about it, how many hours do you spend at home? All this time you could be breathing in risky airborne particles if you don’t have a way to make your air cleaner.




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